Is your intuition calling you to embrace life?

(but you need help to navigate change and put yourself first?)


Are you navigating a transition phase in your life, perhaps dealing with challenges to your freedom, health, relationships, family, finances or career?

Have you been in a responsible or caring role, in your work or with family, and lost “you” along the way?

Are you ready and eager to embrace your life, imagining reigniting your passions, joy and wellbeing, but finding yourself reluctant to make yourself a priority?

You may be stuck between what you “should do” and nurturing yourself, giving yourself time and space to heal, create and choose your vision of the future.

The good news is you’ve got the best GPS system on the planet to help you navigate.

It’s your intuition. It knows EXACTLY where you want to go and how to get there with ease.

Let me show you how to access, activate and action your intuitive wisdom in your life, so you can make empowered decisions, value yourself and move forward with confidence.

When you know how to connect and talk to your intuition you can make decisions and choices that are aligned with your values and purpose.

When you have strong trust in your inner knowing you can move forward with confidence, even when life is uncertain.

It takes practice and time to develop trust and so it’s important to have an experienced intuitive coach who can make it easy and fun, whilst supporting you all the way.

When you live a guided life you will …

♥  Feel more fulfilled and happy

♥  Live life with more meaning and direction

♥  Experience more energy and motivation

I’ll help you discover all your answers are within

What’s important is knowing how to connect and what questions to ask.

I’ll show you simple and fun ways to build your intuitive confidence and discover your unique way of receiving messages.

It’s what I’ve been doing for over 30 years.

I’d love to help you find the energy, enthusiasm and joy that following your intuitive Guidance will bring you.

If you’re here it’s really no accident, so maybe it ‘s a good time for us to have a chat?

What others are saying…

“As a coach, I know that having my own coach on this roller coaster that is the human gig is a must. And for me, Jenny fits the brief.”

Lorna Patten.

Coach, Mentor and Author.

“I now trust, let go, believe and live intuitively quite naturally day to day: a magical thing and I feel blessed to be so.”

Pat Southern-Pearce.

International Artist, Teacher and Author.

“Jenny is the queen of practical intuition. Her fun games and simple exercises have helped to nurture and develop my abilities to trust my intuition.”

Linda Woodley.

Content Developer and Intuitive Channel.

Hello! I’m Jenny McFadden

I’m a Transformation coach and mentor, best selling author and intuitive artist with 30 years experience.

With a background in Psychology, Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Qigong and NLP I can assist you to tune in and find your way forward guided by the wisdom of your soul.

I’ll show you how to get helpful insights and practical next steps from your intuition in any area of your life – in unique and creative ways.

I offer both short and longer term VIP coaching packages, whatever works besy for you.

Book in for a complimentary 30 min online coffee and lets’ chat or email me back:

“My mission is to empower you to begin a conversation with your inner wisdom and through curiosity and play, to receive clear messages that you can action in this physical realm”.

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